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Transformation is a journey, not an end point. The digital world is not waiting for banks to keep pace.

Running and maintaining legacy systems across multiple brands, products and divisions has dominated the IT budgets of large banks for decades. This has left only a small investment available for innovation. Moving operations to a cloud native core operating system will re-engineer the bank to be digital-first, putting innovation front and centre of the technology roadmap.

Alongside lowering the cost of change, leverage access to on-demand processing capacity, technologies to deploy continuous releases, AI, machine learning, and process automation. Cloud native core banking systems – having robust orchestration, granular microservices and API capabilities – have made migration projects easier, quicker to implement and more successful.

Your migration playbook

Front book-first

Establish a digital-native offering for new customers. Gain valuable experience of operating a digital bank and incrementally migrate your back book of existing customers. De-risk migration and spread change costs over a longer change cycle.

Front book first migration
Single event

Opt for a one-off migration of all customers onto a new core platform. Best suited to merger type scenarios where clients require pan-organisational clarity on the before and after operating states, data, customer and product outcomes.

Single event migration

Sequentially migrate your different legacy systems to a new core platform. Address the most immediate technology upgrade requirements and iteratively build a modular, microservices architecture to support the growth of your bank. Re-use capabilities built in each phase to realise your transformation progressively faster.

Phased migration
Realise the benefits of transformation
Turn your business strategy into reality
Transforming banking
Provide a intuitive digital experience
Uninterrupted services

Uninterrupted services for customers as you migrate

Easy eID&V

Easy onboarding and eID&V with a mobile-first identity verification platform

Maximise the value customers get

Maximise the value customers get out of their accounts with more flexible product offerings

Reduce costs on the cloud
Reduce TCO

Reduce the total cost of ownership by moving to the cloud - operating costs can be reduced as much as 50% and cost of change down 80%


Secure uptime by eradicating reliance on monolithic mainframes

On-demand scaling

Leverage on-demand scaling, within proven and secure dedicated partition

Consolidated view of the customer

Connected departments across product portfolios to increase product upsell and cross sell


Improve customer services with a consolidated view of customer interactions


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Leverage customer insights

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Marketing and Communications
Leverage customer insights

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Realise the benefits of transformation
Turn your business strategy into reality