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We've seen innovation, but we haven't seen true transformation.

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Antony Jenkins
Founder, Chair & CEO

Our mission is to be the global bank operating system of choice 

Starting from first principles, we have built the next-generation banking operating system, 10x SuperCore™. A single ledger enables a highly configurable product model so banks can radically simplify their technology and truly transform.

With our microservices architecture and API-first design, banks can easily plug into the platform to build market-leading banking solutions. Secure and scalable, our cloud native SaaS platform means you can navigate and harness changing customer trends, market conditions and regulatory requirements.

Banking engineered to be 10x better.

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10x product promises
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Flexible product lifecycles

Launch and change innovative financial products in minutes with zero IT intervention. Instantly respond to the needs of the market.

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Transformational data

Deliver world-class customer experiences through leading edge APIs, a unified data model and tooling. Improve economics through deep business, operational and customer insights.

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Reduced cost to serve

Simplify the technology portfolio, seamlessly integrate with third-party providers to streamline operations, and reduce the cost to serve customers.

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Protect customers & brand

Leverage a secure, reliable, scalable and regulatory compliant SaaS platform, that minimises the regulatory burden and cost.

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Solving the legacy challenge

Drive cost-efficiency
Drive down cost-income ratio
Drive down your cost-income ratio, drive up profitability and transform the total cost of ownership by prioritising data
Automate handling, processing and insight generation to be more competitive
Transform customer experience
Seamlessly connect customer front-end interfaces
Seamlessly connect customer interfaces to legacy bank-end systems to provide an experience worthy of winning the brand battle ground
Accelerate digital transformation
Accelerate digital transformation and improve customer experience across complex product and customer journeys
Do it once. Do it right.
Design for maximum adaptability
Design for maximum adaptability, build core functionalities using consistent channel agnostic APIs, backed by a unified data schema
Modularity for faster speed to market
Modularity for faster speed to market, lower development costs, and minimised maintenance whilst scaling. Re-use capability across the platform

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