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We've seen innovation, but we haven't seen true transformation.

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Antony Jenkins
Founder, Chair & CEO

Proven tech powering the world’s biggest banks

We take care of your core banking infrastructure, so that you can focus on creating personalized customer experiences, transforming faster, and standing out from the crowd.

With 10x, you can:





Deliver the next generation of financial services at speed and low cost





Open up new business opportunities and compete more effectively





Remove the burden of maintaining the core to accelerate innovation.

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Everything you need to keep ahead of the market, in any market

Introducing SuperCore®:
The real-time bank operating system 

SuperCore is our cloud-native core banking platform. It’s trusted by global, tier 1 banks – like Chase in the UK, and Westpac in Australia – to power digital banking propositions.

Across product, operations, security, compliance, and customer service, SuperCore gives you everything you need to serve customers better.

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10x SuperCore

So much more than core

Unlock the power of data
Unlock the power of data

Get a single, real-time view of every customer relationship.

Speed up your product lifecycle
Speed up your product lifecycle

Build, test, and launch products at pace with clicks not code tools. 

Best of breed tech partners
Best-of-breed tech partners

Our secure ecosystem is trusted by the world’s biggest banking institutions.

Scale at a low predictable cost
Scale at a low, predictable cost

Reinvest more margin into the customer experience.


A SaaS managed service for core banking
From inside banks, we’ve seen how much time, budget, and effort goes into keeping the lights on.

Our fully managed service takes the core components needed for a digital banking proposition and runs them with you.
Enterprise-grade resilience
Endless scalability
24x7 SecOps
Support across the full lifecycle of your transformation, from POC to migration and beyond.
Integrations that get you to go-live faster
With 10x, you get so much more than core. Pre-integrated tech partners across payments, fraud, CRM, and more enable you to build a digital banking proposition in as little as 12 weeks.
Open APIs make it easy to connect real-time banking data with other technologies in your stack, opening a whole world of possibilities.

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