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Why 10x

Evolve your capability to meet customer expectations

The product-oriented legacy architecture of many banks around the world is not flexible or adapted to evolving customer expectations. They want experiences, products and services that are customised to their personal preferences. They expect omni-channel, contextual and relevant interactions. To remain competitive and meaningful to your customers, now is the time to transform your legacy systems, streamline business processes and automate your data.

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Transform your bank

Accelerate product lifecycles

Create and update financial products in minutes not months, without IT intervention. 10x's Bank Manager reduces product development costs and accelerates speed to market with a click-not-code approach. 

Build a bank where flexibility and product enhancements are a daily occurrence. 

New product revenue growth

Reduce total cost of ownership

Drive cost reduction through: automation and elimination of waste work; application and infrastructure simplification and eradication of internal silos.

SuperCore, as a SaaS solution, offers a future-proof option that will adapt with market changes and your long-term growth.


Total cost of ownership

Embrace change

Embrace change, without the costs, with an easy to adapt, low maintenance cloud native architecture, that keeps pace with market and regulatory changes. Simplify integration through our SmartAdapters, enabling you to flexibly change and build your own partner ecosystem.


Product change log

Robust security

We use the best security tools to provide a secure build and runtime environment, validated to external audits and meeting ISO and SOC2 certification standards. Our secure development lifecycle uses threat modelling to ensure our code is free from vulnerabilities and able to withstand threat actors. 

Cloud environments are continuously validated for security risk, with 24/7/365 Security Operations to respond to any detected threats.

Threat intelligence

Empower risk & regulation

Boost your controls and monitoring from a single view of the truth. Deploy the latest machine-learning technologies to deliver reactive insights that transform your risk and regulation functions.

Operational data is symmetrically replicated to the 10x analytics platform in real time. Empower your own AI and ML capabilities and seamlessly integrate out-of-the-box solutions.


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One customer, one entity

Overcome fragmented customer information, and automate data to focus on the insights that will enhance customer engagement strategies with targeted, data-driven decisions.

Deliver low risk and compliant onboarding processes with minimal friction. Draw on our suite of microservices to create a single record of the customer and better serve their needs.

Revenue by country

Future proof with cloud native

Cloud solutions offer a cost-effective, agile alternative to monolithic systems. SuperCore is designed so that banks can transform at a pace that matches their growth strategy whilst minimising the challenges of large-scale transformation projects. The potential to drastically reduce the total cost of ownership, accelerate product deployment and better serve the customer puts re-platforming high on the strategic agenda of many banks. 


Realise the benefits of transformation

Whatever your starting point and strategic approach

Realise the benefits of transformation

Whatever your starting point and strategic approach