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Respond to market change

Be the first to market, in any market


Start rolling out new features in hours and days rather than months and years.

The faster you can design, build, test, and iterate banking products, the more you can move the market and outsmart the competition.

SuperCore®, our next-generation core banking platform, enables any bank to move with challenger speed, launch products quickly, and move away from costly legacy platforms.

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We chose 10x because we needed a modern scalable core banking platform built on micro-services and accessible via APIs, in order to
drive rapid product development and to provide our customers with a world class experience

Sanjiv Somani, Chase
Sanjiv Somani
CEO, Chase UK

One platform: a thousand ways to delight your customers

Core banking replacement - hands on support
A core banking platform built for the pace of modern banking
Iterate icons - Beat the competition to market
Beat the competition to market
Iterate icons - Launch a new product line
Launch a new product in days
Iterate icons - Get faster, fresher customer insights
Get faster, fresher customer insights with real-time data

Unlock faster innovation with 10x

Iterate products - Disrupt the disrupters

Disrupt the disrupters

  • Create, update, and iterate your product set with Bank Manager – our no-code product builder.
  • Configure rates, rewards, and pricing rapidly in just a few clicks.
  • Launch quickly and safely with an auditable and automated sign-off workflow.

Read the use case

Build better relationships with every customer

  • Our real-time events stream gives you an accurate, up-to-date understanding of every customer from a single view.
  • Develop unique customer experiences with our financial tools API for sweeps, savings targets, and budgets. 
Iterate products - build better relationships
Iterate products - Disrupt the disrupters

An API-first core that flexes to fit your bank 

  • Integrate with your preferred providers. Build market-leading digital experiences. Create personal finance management tools. Our API-first architecture makes it all much easier. 
  • Integrations for payments, card issuing/ processing, customer servicing, fraud, and AML make launching a modern banking ecosystem much simpler. 

Partnerships built for speed and success

  • Implement and iterate quickly: A complete ecosystem that powers next-generation banks, SuperCore is built with speed to market in mind.
  • Our in-house teams – including security, compliance, and operations – are set up to mirror yours, ensuring optimal performance and cohesion with our managed service. 
Iterate products - Launch a new business in 12 weeks

Lead the market, in any market

Icon - 12 minutes to build a new product

12 minutes to create a product

Configure, test, and launch new products with just a few clicks.

Icons - 12 weeks to launch a bank

12 weeks to launch a bank

Remove complexity from your tech stack to focus on value-add activities and swift deployment.

Icons - Millions of customers in less than 12 months

Millions of customers in less than 12 months

Powered by 10x SuperCore, Chase UK moved from launch to one million customers in months.

Your journey to live with 10x


Product strategy


Front-book migration


Data clean up


Extract and transform


Back-book migration


Post-live monitoring

A proven platform powering the world’s biggest banks

Core banking replacement - transformative


A next-generation core that lets you break free from legacy tech and clears the way for growth.
Core banking replacement - predictable


Our cloud-native platform scales predictably and lowers operating costs by up to 70% (source: Bain and Co, The Digital Attackers’ Time Has Come). 
Core banking replacement - proactive


24x7 SecOps, migration support, and much more come as part of our managed service.
Core banking replacement - agile


The building blocks, integrations, and APIs you need to launch fast and lead the market.
Core banking replacement - transformative


We support digital banking propositions for the world’s biggest banks.

Marketing and Communications

Leverage customer insights

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