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Building a digital-first bank in South Africa

Interview with Old Mutual

Antony Jenkins, founder and CEO at 10x Banking, in conversation with Rolf Eichweber, CEO of Bank Build at Old Mutual, and Royden Volans, COO of Bank Build at Old Mutual. They share their experiences on building a digital-first bank in South Africa.


Our vision is about empowering a community of customers, a cohort, whose banking needs remain underserved by traditional banking institutions.

Rolf Eichweber CEO – Bank Build Old Mutual

In conversation with Old Mutual

In the following interview, Antony Jenkins, former Group CEO of Barclays, discusses the vision of Old Mutual to build a digital-first bank by addressing the underserved financial needs of customers in the dynamic South African market.

With a strategic intent to empower customers' financial journeys and well-being, they aim to bridge the gap in financial literacy and provide solutions across a continuum of customer understanding and needs. They acknowledge the chore-like nature of banking for most people and the importance it holds in their lives, striving to alleviate stress and uncertainty by making banking processes easier and more accessible. This ultimately empowers customers to manage their finances with confidence and ease. 

View the recoding below and learn about:

  • What problems Old Mutual is solving and who their target customers are
  • How they approached their technology choices and their thoughts on using the Cloud
  • Some of the main hurdles they encountered on their journey
  • The importance of relationships and culture



This interview follows on from the recent announcement of 10x Banking's expansion into South Africa. To learn how 10x can help your bank transform for good, get in touch with our team today.