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Core banking transformation

Migrating to cloud-native banking made less painful.

With 10x, transforming your core is much less painful. Improve your bank's agility by migrating to SuperCore® – our cloud-native core banking platform. 

Delivered as a SaaS managed service that runs your core in the cloud, our technologists and experienced banking specialists support the full lifecycle of your transformation – from proof of concept to migration and beyond.

Become a next-generation bank powered by real-time data that your customers love.

Read our core migration use case
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Our cloud banking platform enables banks to operate at up to 70% cheaper than it costs today and, with access to real-time data, banks can tailor their propositions to improve the customer experience.

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Antony Jenkins
Founder & CEO, 10x Banking

Remove the risk from core banking transformation

Core banking replacement - powerful managed core
Powerful managed core that flexes to fit your bank
Core banking replacement - secure ecosystem
Secure ecosystem with best-of-breed integrations
Core banking replacement - single view of customers
Single, real-time view of every customer
Core banking replacement - hands on support
Tools that enable a phased migration

Lower TCO,​ more customer TLC​

Turn core banking into a utility

Turn core banking into a utility

  • Core banking is complex, but many elements don't differentiate your bank. We manage these for you, so you can focus on customer innovation.

  • Reduce total cost of ownership by up to 70%1 – rethink your operating model and 
    1Source: Bain and Co, The Digital Attackers’ Time Has Come

Read our core migration use case

Architected to flex

  • Accelerate your time to market with pre-integrated technologies across payments, card issuing/ processing, fraud, and customer servicing. 

  • Our API-first and events-based architecture makes integrating front and backend systems easier and gives you ultimate control over the customer experience. 

  • Launch products faster with Bank Manager, our no-code product builder, which lets you design dynamic propositions in minutes.
Architected to support extensibility
Get closer to your data

Get closer to data,
get closer to customers

  • Move from batch to real time.

  • Remove data siloes with a unified data model. 

  • Test and launch hyper-personalized experiences faster than the competition.  

  • Get a single view of every customer, across their entire banking relationship, for better customer service and cross-selling opportunities.

Supporting your unique migration journey

  • Migrate the way that suits your customer groups and product lines, moving in as many stages as you need.

  • With a transparent shared responsibility model, we work with your teams and systems integrators to ensure a smooth data handover for upload.

  • Once your migration path is mapped out, our reconciliation processes and real-time dashboard give you the comfort that customers have continuous service throughout the migration.

  • After your migration, our managed service and evergreen platform keep your core up to date.
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Lead the market, in any market

Icon - 12 minutes to build a new product

12 minutes to create a product

Configure, test, and launch new products with just a few clicks.

Icons - 12 weeks to launch a bank

12 weeks to launch a bank

Remove complexity from your tech stack to focus on value-add activities and swift deployment.

Icons - Millions of customers in less than 12 months

Millions of customers in less than 12 months

Powered by 10x SuperCore, Chase UK moved from launch to one million customers in months.

Mapping your migration


Product strategy


Front-book migration


Data clean-up


Extract and transform


Back-book migration


Post-live monitoring

A proven platform powering the world's biggest banks

Core banking replacement - transformative


A next-generation core that lets you break free from legacy tech and clears the way for growth.
Core banking replacement - predictable


Our cloud-native platform scales predictably and lowers operating costs by up to 70% (source: Bain and Co, The Digital Attackers’ Time Has Come). 
Core banking replacement - proactive


24x7 SecOps, migration support, and much more come as part of our managed service.
Core banking replacement - agile


The building blocks, integrations, and APIs you need to launch fast and lead the market.
Core banking replacement - transformative


We support digital banking propositions for the world’s biggest banks.

Marketing and Communications

Leverage customer insights

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Lower TCO,​ more customer TLC
Get everything you need to serve customers better.