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Why work at 10x

Transform an industry

When you join 10x, you join a team of innovative and ambitious people united behind a single mission. A mission to transform the banking industry and make things 10x better for customers, banks, and society.

To meet the challenge, we offer clear career paths, learning opportunities, flexible working, and a strong sense of community.

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10x offers a dynamic, diverse and inclusive workplace which provides our colleagues the environment to thrive and deliver a high performance they can forever be proud of.

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Katy Rowlands
Chief People Officer
People team at 10x event

Our community

Become part of a truly global team at 10x, with more than 50 nationalities working together. Every 10xer contributes to our diverse and inclusive culture. 

We’re remote-enabled, but we also value human connection. 10xers meet regularly for team collaboration, company strategy days, and socials – which range from retro arcade games in the office to summer parties on rooftop terraces.  

Our networks

Our employee networks make sure that the voice of every 10xer is heard, driving positive change through the company.

Current networks include:





LGBT+ Pride





Neurodiversity and Accessibility





Parents and Carers





Women and Friends





Women in Engineering.





Our networks are supported by an Equality,
Diversity and Inclusion Committee, which includes members of our Senior Leadership Team.






Sophie Ewan 10x networks

Our benefits

Our benefits are here to help 10xers be the best they can be. Alongside regional benefits, such as private medical insurance, we offer the following globally.

Life at 10x - icon pages_Remote enabled
Remote enabled

Some work is done better at home, and some is done better in the office. Choose where works for you and your team 


Everyone comes together at least twice a quarter to collaborate, align on strategy, and socialize. 

Life at 10x - icon pages_Flexible working

There’s flexibility around our core hours. If there’s scope in the working day, spend time with the kids or go to a gym class.   


Compressed hours, part-time working and other more permanent flexible solutions are also offered.  

Life at 10x - icon pages_Time off
Time off

Benefit from 25 days paid leave, plus public holidays. You can trade some public holidays for days that mean more to you  


Use a wellbeing day to recharge each quarter and enjoy a day off on your birthday.  

Life at 10x - icon pages_Sabbatical

Be rewarded for your work with meaningful breaks. After two years, you can request two weeks unpaid leave.  


And after four years, you can apply for four weeks paid leave 

Life at 10x - icon pages_Parental leave
Parental leave

Benefit from enhanced parental leave. There is up to 17 weeks full pay and 17 weeks half pay for maternity and adoption leave.


Partner leave is also enhanced, with up to 8 weeks fully paid time off. Families take many shapes, so we also offer emergency leave at times when pets need more care.

Life at 10x - icon pages_Fertility leave
Fertility leave

The journey to starting a family isn’t always easy, so there are 10 days available for fertility treatment for the receiver and supporter.  


Both carriers and partners going through pregnancy loss receive 10 days paid leave. 

Life at 10x - icon pages_Options pool
Options pool

There’s a pool of options to be shared between permanent 10xers when the company goes through a liquidity event.


The proportion rewarded is driven by length of service.

Life at 10x - icon pages_Bonus scheme
Bonus scheme

Earn up to 20% of your base salary as an annual bonus payment. 


This is based on company and individual performance. 

Our values


We seek efficiency at every opportunity. Everything we do delivers a 10x benefit for our clients, their customers, and society.


We are committed to doing things the right way. We keep our promises to our clients and each other.

We care about the world and strive to make it better. We seek opportunities to have a positive impact on our community.
Working at 10x_Equality, diversity and inclusion
Equality, diversity & inclusion
Discover more about:

The Women’s Network


Black Professionals Group


LGBT+ Pride Network

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Our teams

Department - central operations

Central Operations

Encompassing finance, legal, operations, people and risk, Operations enables every facet of 10x to succeed.

Department - client


Through business development, marketing, and account management, these teams help clients become the bank their customers love.

Impact team


This team drives initiatives that help our people, planet, and community to make the world a better place for all.

Department - Product


This team ensures the delivery of our roadmap, working closely with Engineering to evolve our product and proposition.

Department - engineering


The powerhouse behind our core banking platform, providing a robust, scalable, and always-on platform for our clients.


Marketing and Communications

Leverage customer insights

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Our technology

Work with our tech stack: 





Java/ Spring Boot ecosystem





Kubernetes, Docker, Helm, Terraform, AWS





Kafka, Redis, Aurora DB (PostgresSQL)





Gradle, Jenkins, SonarQube, Snyk, Checkmarx.

Cloud of partners

Explore our offices

Over 50 nationalities work at 10x and they do so around the world. We believe the future of work is hybrid. We enable 10xers to work from home when it works for them and their team, with two in-person collaboration days a quarter.

We have two main hubs in London and Sydney where we have offices designed with collaboration in mind. Read more about our CEO's approach to the future of work.

London team


Located in Holborn Circus, our London office is centrally located with beautiful garden squares, food markets, and great restaurants close by.

Syndey team


In the heart of the Central Business District, our Sydney office has department stores, waterfront bars, restaurants and the Royal Botanic Garden all on its doorstep.

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