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Bank Manager

Code less and innovate more with our no-code product builder for banks


What if your Product Managers could build banking products themselves, and bring their ideas to life in the moment?

Through a simple ‘clicks not code’ interface, Bank Manager makes this happen. Product teams can build new products, or update existing ones, in minutes. No coding knowledge needed, and no waiting for precious engineering resource.

From checking accounts to deposits, credit cards and lending products, Bank Manager empowers Product teams to build and launch game-changing propositions in a few clicks.

No other core banking platform makes it this fast and easy to build and configure banking products.

Bank Manager

With 10x Bank Manager, you can:

Redefine innovation

Put the power into Product’s hands and breathe new life into your product set.

Icons_Get to market faster
Get to market

Build and configure products with ‘clicks not code’ in minutes.

Icons_Keep up with customer needs
Keep up with customer needs

Deploy the changes customers need today, and not in three months' time.

Icons_Streamline product management
Streamline product management

Get one tool, with an integrated governance flow, to manage your entire backbook.

What can you build in Bank Manager?

Bank manager_what can you build in bank manager

Checking accounts
Unsecured & secured loans
Credit cards

How does it work?

Click to create a product

Click to create a product

Create exciting new propositions in minutes that your customers love.

Click to configure an existing backbook

Making rate changes becomes fast and easy. First-mover advantage, here we come.

Click to configure
Bank manager_build your bank in an afternoon

Build your bank in an afternoon

Build your bank’s entire portfolio in a few hours. What will you do with all that time saved?

Speech Quote Marks

I've managed product portfolios at traditional banks. It's great. You get to play a role in improving the lives of millions of people who use your products. But I never felt like I was in complete control of my products. I had to compromise the experience I wanted to offer customers. I had to spend my time internally competing for resources and budget, doing a lot of waiting while the market and customer needs kept changing. 

If you've ever had an idea that you've parked because it'd mean an un-winnable battle with your tech stack, come and speak to us.

George Broom portrait

George Broom
Product Owner

See Bank Manager in action

Learn how you can create and update banking products in minutes, not months.