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Tech Track 100 - One To Watch

Tech Track 100 - One To Watch

On behalf of our growing team, I am delighted and honoured that 10x Future Technologies has been named as a “One to Watch” in the annual Sunday Times Tech Track 100 report.

The recognition validates our innovative and transformational approach to making banking 10x better for customers, banks and society.

The league tables, compiled by Oxford-based FastTrack, rank Britain’s100 privately-owned technology companies with the fastest-growing sales over their latest three years. Tech Track’s “One to Watch” showcases 10 promising companies that don’t yet meet the league table criteria but have “innovative technologies and either have raised significant venture capital investment or are forecasting strong sales growth”.

With our 10x SuperCore™ we are addressing the major challenges faced by banks around the world who want to transform their customer proposition and make banking 10x better.

Led by Chief Product Officer Tam Holmes and Chief Technology Officer Neil Drennan, our product teams, developers, engineers and digital specialists are part of more than 40 feature teams, each focused on a specific area of our B2B SaaS banking platform. Some of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation tools they use to reliably run millions of transactions across our own microservices-based architecture are the same as those used by market-leading technology companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Netflix.

Our talented team is growing rapidly to respond to the demand for our services.

Last year we had around 150 in the 10x team. Today we are 400+. Being “One to Watch” as we head into the final months of 2019 is a great testament to the talent, ambition and creativity of Team 10x.

We look forward to an exhilarating 2020 with our partners and clients.