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Leverage 10x SuperCore™ to build the next-generation bank

Built on cloud native technology, SuperCore™ enables connected propositions, customer journeys and support services. SuperCore™ is delivered as Software-as-a-Service, and is globally available. Simplify deployment, integration, infrastructure and technology operations, all lowering the cost to serve.

A set of fundamental components for financial products can be configured, re-configured and extended to meet your current and future requirements, without the need for re-build. Around SuperCore™, SmartAdapters, APIs and SDKs, allow seamless integration to back office, channels and third-party apps and services. 

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We've built the most comprehensive banking platform so clients can deliver the next generation of financial services.

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Mark Holt
Chief Product & Engineering Officer

Build your bank with SuperCore™

Leverage a fully configurable platform.

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SuperCore™ - a flexible microservices architecture; modular and configurable, powered by a unified data model
APIs - simple, powerful tools that support seamless integration into industry-leading third-party platforms
SmartAdapters - future proof your technology with a layer of SmartAdapters in JavaScript and OpenAPI Swagger documentation
Accelerators - our channel applications and accelerators can help your bank transform at pace, or rapidly launch into new markets and segments
Powered by SuperCore - Purple

Powering banking with a flexible, extendable cloud native operating system.

Financial products

Next generation product configuration

Create, publish and manage the product lifecycle

Zero downtime and zero IT involvement

Data & analytics

Real-time Kafka feeds with full visibility of all transaction flows and underlying data model

Symmetric schema methodology accelerates analytic life cycle for off-platform value creation

Core banking

Cloud native real-time ledger scalable for peak processing by design

Calculation engines tuned for durability and financial integrity

Rich transaction, statement and accounting data feeds


Flexible customer profiles

Lifecycle and state management

Authentication and user management


ISO20022 payment message flows allow for rapid integration

Designed to latest global standards

Account funding APIs

Credit / debit transaction posting APIs

On-me, on-us and internal transfer processing


Microservice architecture and standards based data model prevents data silos

Carefully abstracted domain model readily supports new product, channel and customer experience concepts


Managed services

Lower cost of ownership with the latest cloud tooling, standards and technologies through our managed service solutions.

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Designed, engineered and tested for scalability, resilience and recoverability
SOC2 and ISO20
Certified to internationally recognised standards for security and operations including SOC2 and ISO27001
24/7/365 security operations
Dedicated 24/7/365 security operations
'Always-on' Service Management and Site Reliability Engineering teams, combining the best of ITIL and SRE approaches to keep service running reliably
Full transparency on key operational and security metrics. Security logs available for bank’s own SOC / SIEM
Centralised risk-related data for your operations and security teams. Security Operations teams continuously monitor the service, ready to respond to cyber threats
SuperCore™ apps
Install advanced channel applications for managing and accessing SuperCore™.
Bank Manager interface
Easy configuration with Bank Manager
Developed intuitively

Developed intuitively by product people with a click-not-code approach, unlock powerful self-serve functionality

Maximise control

Maximise control with one governing interface; design, review and launch financial products to market in minutes, with no additional IT cost or delays


Respond quicker and more accurately by viewing and managing internal accounts in real-time


Manage multiple tenants through one app with Bank Manager, fully multi-tenant compatible

Saleforce interface
Action on behalf of customers
Centralise customer servicing

Centralise servicing, powered by a single source of truth, to deliver an exceptional customer experience

Increase productivity

Increase productivity with automated solutions, supported by intelligent case creation for when it's necessary to pass over to an agent


Better serve customers directly with integrated telephony and asynchronous chat, with inbuilt authentication methods such as Click to Call and Push to Auth

Developer portal
Seamlessly integrate with SuperCore™
test APIs and capabilities

Quickly understand, explore and test APIs and capabilities

Powered by a custom application

Powered by a custom application built in-house from the ground up and regularly expanded to meet client needs

Document all platform release

Document all platform release updates and functionality upgrades in one place

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Modular React Native app
iOS and Android appstore ready

iOS and Android app store ready


Support your customers with their financial management with homepage insights, transaction filter tools, spending category management and budgeting goals


Increase customer engagement with in-app notifications and asynchronous chat support


Simplify the user experience with quick and easy payment set up and purchases, card management, personal profile changes and document retrieval

Leverage customer insights

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Marketing and Communications
Leverage customer insights

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10x SmartAdapters

Use your own APIs and integrations with SmartAdapters that connect into SuperCore™. Speed up development time.



Product, ledger, customer and payment services are accessed by a suite of channel agnostic RESTful APIs, offering consistent access to SuperCore™.

High level APIs accessible by mobile apps and customer channels, encapsulating underlying services and processes

Fundamental APIs offering direct access to ledgers, financial processing and customer servicing, typically used by back end and middleware applications

Cloud data transfer

Data streaming

All activity on SuperCore™ generates real-time data streams, a rich and complete source of information from the heart of the platform, provided in an open and consumable format.

Using Kafka technology, with surrounding tooling to manage schema versions and guarantee data quality

In a typical bank >80% of the analytics life cycle is spent cleaning and understanding data. 10x data streams eliminate this step, allowing analysts to focus on delivering business value


10x SmartAdapters

SmartAdapters serve to insulate the SuperCore™ from third-party APIs.

SuperCore™ optionally ships with API extensions to simplify and accelerate integration, isolating app and digital development teams from underlying complexity

Mobile SDKs include an encrypted transport framework delivering a banking grade secure path to the core



Integrations with your payments systems or world-leading payment gateways.

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Faster local gateway integrations in new markets
Simple mapping against global standards
ISO20022 compliance supporting new market entrance
Increase speed to market using existing SmartAdapters into our partner ecosystem


Speed up your transformation and avoid the legacy problems of your internal systems by choosing from our accelerator modules. Choose from a selection or utilise our full bank-in-a-box solution.


Marketing & communications

Onboarding orchestration & screening

Financial crime monitoring & screening

Open banking

Electronic payments

Customer financial tools

CRM & operations

Accelerator - Cards
Accelerator - Marketing & Comms
Accelerator - Onboarding-1
Accelerator - Fraud monitoring
Open banking
Electronic payments
Customer financial tools
CRM & Operations


Deliver secure, easy to scale, low risk, flexible lifecycle and transaction processing

Card payment processing via an ISO8583 and ISO20022 RESTful API web services

Card lifecycle services for both physical and virtual cards

Marketing & communications

Deliver timely and relevant messaging with real-time event-driven communications direct to a customer's channel of preference

Improve efficacy with a suite of predefined options or configure communication triggers, data fields and more to suit your needs

Drive deeper engagement with multi-channel push messaging, as well as our own in-app cards

Onboarding orchestration & screening

Accelerate onboarding for rapid account set up and improved completion rates

Reduce friction through the onboarding process to improve customer experience

Robust screening supports comprehensive risk mitigation

Financial crime monitoring & screening

Financial crime monitoring and screening

Accurately capture device and risk profiling

Ensure compliance with fraud & AML regulations

Open banking

Support for open banking standards in UK, Europe and beyond

PISP / AISP journeys

Infrastructure and security

Electronic payments

ISO20022 based payments processing, domestic and international

Batch and real-time capable, proven across multiple geographies and schemes

Integrate with transaction monitoring for full decisioning capabilities

Customer financial tools

Payment transactions enriched with geographic and merchant data

Advanced APIs for querying transaction history, tagging and categorising transactions

Provide customers with financial insight, help them set goals, budgets and manage their money

CRM & operations

Centralise customer servicing to deliver a seamless omni-channel customer experience

Increase productivity with automated solutions, supported by intelligent case creation

Better serve customers directly via the channels that work for them including chat, messaging and telephony

Get started with 10x SuperCore™
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