Banking Transformed

A 10x SuperCore™ powers our fully-configurable platform for 21st century banking 
Transformational architecture with 10x SmartAdaptors radically simplify data and systems integration
With an integrated and modular design, the 10x SuperCore powering our platform can be configured for each client quickly, easily and automatically at a significantly lower cost than upgrading existing systems.  

Our unique services-orientated architecture has a set of open and channel-agnostic APIs. Open-source components leverage our simplified data model, providing a highly scalable SaaS platform to run a complete bank in the cloud. This significantly accelerates time to market, helping banks deliver a truly transformational banking experience for their customers.

Banking Transformed

Next Generation
& Cloud Native

A better way to build a bank

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Our platform has been designed from first principles and built on a microservices architecture, facilitating continuous development. Our approach uses the latest cloud technologies to deliver high-value activities to build, grow and transform a bank.

  • 10x Data Model
  • 10x Mobile App & SDKs
  • 10x Machine Learning Studio
  • Content Management System
  • Marketing & Communications Management
  • Vertically-Integrated Security
  • Continuous Availability
  • 10x SuperCore™
  • 10x Microservices
  • 10x API Manager & SmartAdaptors
  • Universal Product Configurator
  • Financial Product Templates
  • Schedule Manager
  • Customer Relationship Management

API Manager
& SmartAdaptors

Future proof & friction free

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The 10x SuperCore™ powering our platform addresses a bank's core architecture challenges. Services are made available through a comprehensive and consistent API suite, again with a radically simplified architecture. An application stack enables hundreds of apps in legacy to be consolidated to a single platform while our 10x API Manager integrates bespoke bank or third-party APIs.

10x SmartAdaptors enable clients to connect third-party services flexibly and quickly, removing time and cost from complex integrations to a core banking system.

Data Integrity & Security

A single source of truth

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Well organised and highly secure data is essential for powering next-generation banks. With this in mind our unique data model is evolved from ISO-20022 data standards fully compliant with Open Banking standards.

Transaction enrichment and risk analytics capabilities are built in - security is critical here, so all data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

Analytics & ArtificiaI Intelligence

Faster & smarter

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10x clients can leverage and deploy latest machine-learning technologies to deliver real-time insights and services to transform the customer experience.

All operational data is symmetrically replicated to the 10x analytics platform in real time - a unique feature in the market. This empowers banks to develop their own artificial intelligence and machine-learning capabilities and seamlessly integrate out-of-the-box solutions.

Product Rollouts Designed to Delight

Agile solutions for an agile world

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Our user-friendly product development toolkits enable quick and easy product creation and deployment – products can be released to market in minutes.

Future product enhancements and changes can be implemented as, when and where a bank needs. This helps reduce product development costs significantly while embedding flexibility and speed-to-market in the business.


Core simplicity

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At 10x we make the entire customer experience simpler. We help banks deliver low risk and compliant on-boarding experiences with minimal customer friction by drawing on our suite of microservices to create a real-time record of the customer across the 10x platform.

Each data item, an address for example, exists in just one place. At a stroke, this removes one of the major legacy technology challenges that blight a bank's ability to better serve their customers.

Growing Partner Network

Stronger together

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We work with a constellation of global businesses to deliver the best outcomes for banks and their customers using technology powered by 10x. Our evolving network spans:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Payments & Cards
  • Credit Management
  • Operational Monitoring
  • Technology Infrastructure & Cloud Services
  • Data Management
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Fraud & Financial Crime Management
  • Mobile, Devices & Internet of Things
  • Security