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The 10x approach to core banking

We offer a phased approach to support any business case, ensuring a smooth launch. 



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At 10x, our next-generation core banking platform helps banks transform for good. Trusted by some of the world’s largest banks, our experienced banking and cloud-native specialists support the full lifecycle of your transformation, helping you create a bespoke roadmap to success. 
Together, we can help you become a next-generation bank, powered by real-time data, that your customers love. 

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At 10x, our end-to-end service starts with the very first touchpoint.

Transformation strategies

Approach - icons_Progressive

Build out new business models or logics iteratively as modular microservices and gradually reduce use of your existing systems. Target important customer journeys and reinvent the experience. 

Approach - icons_Challenger

Build a digital banking stack with a cloud-native architecture. Launch and scale to millions of customers in less 12 months.

Approach - icons_Jump

Pivot away from legacy systems, moving customer groups or product lines in as many stages as you need, eventually replacing your existing core. 

Commission a rapid proof of concept

Put our platform to the test with a three-month POC and verify your vision.
Bank Manager interface

Build with Bank Manager


Build your entire product suite in an afternoon with Bank Manager, our no-code product builder, and rethink your product lifecycle for good. 

Explore your dedicated Sandbox

Make rate changes in minutes and request approval through an integrated governance workflow. 


No IT intervention required to publish product changes.

10x Developer Portal

Design the products your customers need today, and not in three months’ time. 


An easy to navigate interface increases conversion of account opening

Offer a truly digital experience

Tools and APIs that help you build the best experiences


Empower customers with controls that enhance their experience – from embedded card controls to savings goals and much more. 

Add budgeting, savings targets, round-up functionality to products instantly. Build bespoke tools that help customers understand their finances with our financial tools API. 


Make virtual cards instantly available on account creation, so customers can start using their account straight away online or via digital wallets. 

Salesforce module

Joined-up customer servicing


Resolve every customer query faster with our Salesforce module. It centralizes customer service, based on a single source of truth, giving you a 360° view of every customer. 


Deliver brilliant customer service with integrated telephony, asynchronous live chat, and in-built authentication. 

Better serve customers

Every interaction is available through a real-time event stream for processing in your existing systems. 


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Proven approach

10x offers a phased approach to support you in proving business cases and capabilities, ensuring a smooth launch.

It all starts with a conversation
It starts with a conversation

Learn more about SuperCore, our team, and how we can support your transformation goals.

Tech deep dive
Technology deep dive

Explore the power of SuperCore™, our API suite and accelerator modules. Define your objectives and target state architecture. 

Proof of concept
Proof of concept

Get a real-world understanding of the 10x technology and team as we prove capabilities in a carefully managed proof of concept project. 


Complete formal procurement processes and due diligence to provide complete confidence and compliance. 


Press the green button for implementation, formalise partner choices and create the delivery roadmap. 


Deployment, configuration and integration of SuperCore™  into your cloud hosting provider. 

Go live and run
Go live & run

Day one starts at go-live. Full service is assured by 24/7/365 tech and security operations.

Capability growth
Capability growth

Incremental enhancements supported by evergreen release process. 

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