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10x your career growth with our learning opportunities

We offer a huge range of learning and development (L&D) opportunities to suit the needs of everyone in the 10x community. Our dedicated People and L&D functions implement best-in-class talent management tools and frameworks to help you drive your own career journey. We’re committed to supporting your growth from the moment you join 10x.

Our learning culture

First, we set the scene to ensure the right conditions for learning and development to thrive.

We have a culture of learning, one in which learning is collaborative, self-directed, and happens in the flow of work. We subscribe to the 70-20-10 model, which says that 10% of learning is derived from formal training, 20% from interactions with others, and 70% through real-world experiences. We prize continuous experimentation and reflection, both as individuals and as teams. As you might expect from an innovative tech scale up, we’re an organization that’s always learning!

What does that mean for our people? It means they can access the best learning tools, benefit from working alongside a range of subject matter experts, and always grow in their roles.

Rewarding learning

Every single one of us at 10x contributes to this culture so we make a point of recognizing and rewarding 10xers who go above and beyond.

We host annual learning awards in which we celebrate the top learner. This goes to the person who has impressed us by finding ways to discover learning moments in their work. We also give an award to the top manager – the manager who promotes learning as a way of being within their team. Finally, we give an award to the top creator. Learning isn’t just about one-way knowledge transfer, and our top creator is someone who creates learning experiences for others. Winners receive £1,000 to put towards any learning content or tools of their choice.

Learning and development tools

We don’t just reward 10xers for learning, we’re also committed to providing them with the best possible learning tools that enable everyone to learn in the flow of work.

Our career and capability framework sets out all the job families and roles available within 10x, defining the skills, knowledge, and capability of individual roles. It’s a tool to empower 10xers to map their own career journeys, hold better career development conversations, and find opportunities for linear or lateral progression.

This is linked to role specific learning pathways curated by subject matter experts and hosted on our cutting-edge learning platform. These include suggested content to empower 10xers with the learning content and organizational context to build the real-world skills to help them to thrive in their roles.

But 10xers don’t need to stick to a designated learning pathway – their learning journey is in their own hands. Our comprehensive digital learning offering includes licenses for both Udemy and O’Reilly. Filled with online courses and access to books and live learning webinars, these platforms are packed with technical and functional learning content to support 10xers whatever their role. When you join 10x, you have learning at your fingertips from day one.

Live learning

We know that not all learning is digital learning. We have a wide array of opportunities for live learning experiences to suit all types of learners.

We run regular learning sessions, such as webinars and workshops, on a range of different topics. In 2023, our focus has been on feedback and how building a Radically Candid organization will boost performance, drive career development and help support inclusion.

We invest in learning from Insights Discovery. We offer 10xers a personalized Insights Discovery profile and have certified Insights Discovery practitioners that can deliver tailored workshops to groups and teams. Don’t worry! This isn’t a tool we use to assess performance or culture fit. We’re not interested in defining people or putting them in boxes. Instead, we’ve found that sharing the language of Insights Discovery helps us to better describe workplace behaviors. And we recognize that self-awareness and an understanding of what drives us and others is the key to better collaboration and communication.

Funded learning and apprenticeships

We have a central L&D budget that we use to fund meaningful learning, whether that’s attendance at an industry conference, buying relevant books, or gaining a certification. We also sponsor various apprenticeships, which are longer qualifications gained alongside working. For example, Josh Daniels, Product Director, is starting a fully funded MBA at the University of Portsmouth, paid for entirely by the 10x apprenticeship levy.

Asked about this learning venture, Josh said: “I’m looking for this course to really round me as a person, understanding all elements of the business, from finance and operations to corporate social responsibility and people. I hope it will bring value to the business by adding perspectives from outside product and engineering to my role.”

Anyone at 10x can make a request for L&D funding and our dedicated team will support you through the process to ensure the best possible learning outcomes.

What’s next?

On our mission to empower 10xers with the best possible learning and development experiences, our work is never done. We’re always scanning the horizon to ensure we implement best practice in the talent development space. Whatever your career or learning aspirations, we’ve got your covered.

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