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Be {Something}: our objective and inclusive approach to hiring

Our hiring approach has evolved as we’ve grown as a company. Hiring individuals who will thrive at 10x is at the center of our ambition to win big.

When analyzing our business objectives, we asked ourselves tough questions about how we assess and select talent. Is our hiring bar consistent across the board? Have we unintentionally placed barriers in the way of great prospective talent? Are we succeeding in building the diverse workforce we need to remain a successful tech business?

We weren’t satisfied that our existing approach fully enabled our business objectives, so we set about improving our assessment and selection processes.

How have we improved the hiring experience?

We've created an experience that we can be certain is consistent, complete, and open for all. We are uncovering uniqueness, not screening out for non-conformity.

  • We took the role-based competencies from our career frameworks and put them at the heart of new, role-specific interview scorecards.
  • We turned core 10x competencies and values into assessment criteria.
  • We created bar-raising questions for our assessors to answer. This helps identify top talent, improve decision conviction, and extract development gaps.
  • We trained hiring squads consisting of diverse skill sets, seniorities, and backgrounds.
  • We collected interview feedback from members of the hiring squad individually, to avoid band-wagon bias.

What our Be {Something} assessment framework looks like

Our hiring squads use our Be {Something} assessment framework to bring structure and objectivity to your hiring experience. It is rooted in three pillars:

Be {the Expert}: We’re assessing for your role capability and skills. Can you rock the fundamentals of the role you’re applying for? Be {You}: This one’s all about culture-add, values, behaviors, principles, mindset, and workplace skills. What can you bring to enhance our teams?
Be {the Future}: We’re looking for potential, adaptability, role modelling change, and courage. Are you ready to face into our future?

What you can expect during the hiring process

Following a recruiter interview from our experienced in-house Talent team, you will...

  1. First, meet your future Line Manager for a role expertise assessment. This is also your chance to suss them out as a future boss!
  2. Next, there’s a deeper dive ‘technical’ assessment with future peers and/or senior team members. Here we also look for what individual approach and style you bring. You get to find out more about your future colleagues.
  3. The final step is an interview with one of our Senior Leadership team. They focus on how you can add to our team and company culture, as well as your likelihood of growing successfully with us at 10x as we navigate the future. This is a chance for you to assess if you buy into our leadership’s vision.

An approach tailored to you

Inclusivity takes center stage. The framework eliminates bias and subjectivity wherever possible. We want your experience to be based on trust, transparency, and informative assessment, empowering you to make your own well-informed decisions.

We are committed to adjusting our assessment approach to meet your needs. We want you to know that you can confidently request any necessary adjustments. For example, closed captions on virtual interviews or more time for assessments.

We welcome your questions and feedback at every stage. Whatever you need, our Talent team are here to support you.

Join us

Our goal is to provide you with a fair and equal opportunity to shape our future. If you’re ready to be a part of our success story, we’re here to welcome you.