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Diwali: shining a light at 10x

Diwali 2020

Diwali – the Festival of Lights – certainly shone a light throughout 10x again this year. Beating off the grey tones of November, the Impact team bought a ray of light to those celebrating Diwali, as well as those that wanted to learn a little more about the 5-day festival.

Diwali gifts 2020
Diwali Gifts 2020

Whilst the 10x team couldn’t be together this year, the celebrations were still felt as parcels were sent out to mark the occasion. Following traditional customs, there was of course some delicious sweets included. To bring some additional light to the homes of 10x-ers there were Diwali candle holders – come 4 o’clock on these winter days, you need these! Next up were some gold coins - considered a symbol of prosperity and good luck. Finally, there was a Ganesha (Ganesh, Ganapati) figurine. As the patron of authors, intellectuals and bankers we certainly hope he casts an eye over 10x endeavours, but more importantly, as the god of new beginnings, his influence couldn’t be more important to bring hope for the coming year.

After the challenges of 2020, now, more than ever, is a time for light to triumph and knowledge to prevail. We can’t wait to hopefully celebrate all together once again. Take a look back at how we celebrated last year, 10x style of course.

“Being away from our families, we are blessed to celebrate this festival with our extended family and friends at 10x.”


Celebrating Diwali 2019
10x Celebrating Together 2019