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10x Spotlight: Ramzi De Coster – Lead Technical Writer

We spoke with Ramzi De Coster, Lead Technical Writer at 10x, who joined us from Google in October 2022 to discuss his role, why he joined us, and some of the projects he's currently working on. 

Hi Ramzi, what made you want to join 10x?

10x has a clear and distinct sense of the problem it’s solving, why it is solving that problem, and how it plans to execute on its key ambitions. I also thought 10x seemed admirably aware of the scale of what it promises to achieve.

When I first came across 10x, it was clear to me that the company wants to provide a state-of-the-art operating system for global financial institutions to help them operate more efficiently. It also understands the complexity and challenge of that undertaking but seems to truly want to revolutionize the world of banking. That goal and 10x’s approach to it was instantly captivating to me.

What's the most exciting thing about working in financial tech?

Working in fintech gives you the sense of being at the forefront of great innovation. For me, working at 10x has entailed quickly learning about the crucial issues financial institutions are faced with today and how 10x and technology in general can be leveraged to help them grapple with those issues. In that sense, working in fintech has felt vital and truly rewarding from the beginning.


People at 10x are consistently willing to help and share knowledge. There's no shortage of people within the company who are willing and able to unpack all the platform's benefits for you and contextualize them.

Ramzi De Coster Lead Technical Writer, 10x

What's the best part about your job?

The best part of my job is the people I work with and their general attitude to the work they do. Everyone at 10x is always keen to help and provide insight and, as such, this serves as a motivator to do great work that truly helps other stakeholders and teams at 10x. I think it’s worth noting that though 10x is a fully remote-enabled company, there’s a significant effort to collaborate within and across different teams and meet regularly. 10xers value the individual and collective skillsets that exist outside of their own teams, which is paramount to the functioning of a truly cohesive and collaborative company.

What is the most exciting challenge facing your team at the moment?

10x is making a company-wide push to become a more product-centric and customer-focused company, promoting the benefits of the 10x platform across all aspects of the business.

For my team, this has meant redefining and restructuring our technical documentation to align it with our product. We've launched this project by asking ourselves a few key questions. How do we document the 10x platform in a way that best captures its unique selling points to our clients and their customers? How do we adapt the way we talk about our product to make it useful to new clients, prospective clients, and existing clients at the same time?

Working on this project has not been without its challenges. However, our commitment to solving problems whenever they emerge through creating great, high-quality content, combined with the confidence we feel in knowing this is part of 10x's broader ambition for 2023 has helped us along considerably.

What would your advice be to people who are thinking about joining 10x?

People at 10x are consistently willing to help and share knowledge. This, combined with the fact that working remotely has both benefits and challenges, means that reaching out to people at 10x and asking for their feedback, thoughts, and help with whatever you may be working on is a huge asset to take advantage of. Similarly, the 10x platform is both a powerful and complex product that requires time to truly grasp and understand. Fortunately, there's no shortage of people within the company who are willing and able to unpack all its benefits for you and contextualize them.

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