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10x Hackathon: fostering collaboration and an ownership mindset

We recently embarked on our first-ever company-wide Hackathon, giving 10xers the opportunity to innovate outside their day-to-day roles and make a difference across the company. 

The goal was to develop innovative ideas that made the company 10 times better. Teams had to pitch ideas, build them, and present their progress back to the company. The Hackathon was a resounding success, with teams working on innovative ideas across product, developer experience, and HR, including: 

  • A product analytics tool that shows banks how their products are performing in real time, giving decision makers a greater level of insight 
  • An initiative to facilitate career progression within 10x by enabling people to work within different areas of the business. 

Hackathons are known as a great way to improve products and boost innovation. However, other big advantages not often mentioned, include cross-team collaboration and cultivating an ownership mindset. In this blog, we explore some of the unexpected benefits of the inaugural 10x Hackathon in more detail. 

Cross-team interactions  

The Hackathon provided a unique opportunity for colleagues from around 10x to collaborate – people who would not usually work together under normal circumstances.   

Ideas flowed freely all over 10x from a diverse range of participants including Engineers, Graphic Designers, Learning & Development Managers, and Impact Officers. It was refreshing to have so many non-technical team members getting involved, with one team building a career safari – an innovative idea for professional development where 10xers could try out an entirely new role or team. 

Through cross-team collaboration, the Hackathon gave us fresh perspectives, built friendships, created a sense of camaraderie, and the opportunity to have fun! These new connections will transcend the event itself, improving cooperation and teamwork in the future.

Cultivating an ownership mindset

The Hackathon offered 10xers dedicated time to reflect on the company, how we work, and how to improve. By encouraging people to take ownership of their ideas and projects, we tapped into their intrinsic motivation to make a difference. The ownership mindset is present within everybody, waiting to be unleashed when given the opportunity.   

10xers had the space and time to explore their passions, hone their skills, and contribute to making the company 10x better. The results were remarkable, with participants showcasing a strong sense of dedication and responsibility. As a tech company, this is invaluable, driving innovation, productivity, and growth.

Uncovering areas for improvement

The Hackathon allowed our technical teams to share day-to-day pain points, look for ways to improve our platform, and optimize the developer experience. 

These first-hand experiences provide a unique perspective that would be hard to spot and might have otherwise gone unnoticed. This allows us to refine our processes, enhance our product offering, and remove bottlenecks.

The Hackathon was a catalyst for constructive feedback, highlighting the importance of ongoing improvement at 10x. 

In summary

The success of our first company-wide Hackathon has set the stage for future events. The enthusiasm and dedication was truly inspiring. In the future, cross-team collaboration and cultivating an ownership mindset will be core elements of the event. By encouraging diverse participation, enabling creative thinking, and addressing areas for improvement, future hackathons will propel 10x to new heights.