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How banks can accelerate time to market with 10x and Salesforce

How banks can accelerate time to market with 10x and Salesforce

When a customer has an issue, they need to be able to speak to their bank and resolve any challenges as quickly (and painlessly) as possible. To make this happen, banks need the right tools and easy access to data. So that when a customer gets in touch, customer service teams have everything they need to resolve problems and answer questions.

Our Customer Servicing Accelerator, Powered by Salesforce, is built with this in mind, giving banks end-to-end customer servicing out of the box within the Salesforce platform. Integrated neatly with our core banking platform, banks can get to market much faster and for less since they don't have to build the customer servicing element themselves.

"Our partnership with 10x is a game changer for banks," explains Emma Martin, Managed Service Industry Lead at Salesforce. "10x's proprietary managed service brings together the 10x core banking platform and Salesforce's #1 CRM customer engagement platform under one umbrella for the financial services industry. This creates a speedboat of sorts, allowing banks to launch new products and portfolios in a really streamlined way."

In this blog, Josh Daniels, Product Manager for Salesforce at 10x, shares more about our Salesforce integration, how it saves banks thousands of dev days, and gets them live faster.

Get leading customer servicing out of the box

"We've built all the usual customer servicing functionality you'd expect from your bank if you called them up or started a live chat," explains Josh. "Customer service teams can make payments, change addresses, query potential fraudulent transactions, and loads more... we've built all of it into Salesforce."

Using our Salesforce module, a bank employee can action everything available to a customer through their banking app on behalf of the customer and much more. This extends to card management, such as freezing/unfreezing, ordering a replacement, changing the credit limit, or closing an account.

This rich capability out of the box saves banks lots of time and effort building it themselves. But banks can already effectively service their customer across multiple channels today. So what's new?

"On the surface, it might not be materially different. But for many banks, having all the data in one system will be a step forward. And viewing it all in real time, so nothing's stale, is massive. If you look at a customer profile, you can be confident that you're seeing the latest version – no waiting for batch processes to ripple through various systems to update." explains Josh.

"Next, there's our live chat solution, which lets customers chat with their bank asynchronously. The customer can send a message, then go and get on a train. If they lose signal, they don't have to worry about their place in a queue, resending their message, or anything like that."

"Finally, the document upload feature removes the reliance on physical mail. The customer can send a scan or a photo of a document to the bank easily, without waiting for a letter or visiting a branch."

In summary, the combined power of 10x and Salesforce enables joined-up, 360-degree customer servicing through one platform that banks can roll out quickly.

Use it to prove project value quickly

Any major project that involves core banking – such as launching a new brand or transforming an existing core – is a massive undertaking for a bank. They are complex and time-intensive programs, so the earlier a project team can demonstrate progress, the better.

"The CEO of a bank once told me that the time to market the accelerator enabled made a big difference. They bought five licenses to test with. And within a few days, they had a fully functioning customer servicing suite that they could show in board meetings. They could basically say, 'look – here it is. It's working. Leave me alone for a little while'. That gave the project team a couple of months leeway to crack on with delivery." explains Josh.

Don't build it yourself

Even with the accelerator module, we'll always need to do some customization. But even still, it eliminates thousands of developer days that a bank would need to build the same capability in-house. The module has around 150 API integrations that enable the rich feature set across payments, card management, fraud, and more. Instead of building these integrations, banks get a big head start and can customize the solution for their needs rather than starting from scratch.

Salesforce accelerator deployment options

Given that some banks already use Salesforce while others don't, a bank can utilize the module in several ways. From a fully managed service, where we take care of the setup and ongoing management, to a component model – where banks take the code they need for specific functions and add it to their instance. We're flexible with how banks can roll this out.

The main thing is that banks can take advantage of our in-house Salesforce expertise and accelerate their time to market to gain an edge over the competition.

Got any questions about our Salesforce integration and how it can help your bank get to market faster? Get in touch with the team today.