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1LoD Global Benchmarking Survey & Annual Report

The 1LoD Global Benchmarking Survey & Annual Report 2019 has just been published with fresh insights on the state of front office controls, supervision, control assurance and surveillance across the industry.

The report is based on the collated views of industry leading experts from more than 30 of the largest financial institutions in the world. This year’s report carries a forward by 10x Founder and Executive Chairman Antony Jenkins, who writes:

“Banks need to build stronger and more robust governance for the management of non-financial risk, but also to inculcate a culture that prizes doing the right business in the right way.” 

This year’s report features case studies from Société Générale and Bank of New York Mellon, along with insights from Julius Baer, Citigroup, M&G and more.

To view the 1LoD report in full visitwww.1lodreport.com