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Webinar: How retail banks can get 5 star experiences and ratings

More customers are switching to neobanks than ever, who can innovate nearly five times faster than incumbents. 

Challengers are winning market share, and the number of neobank users is expected to reach 376.89m by 2027 (Statista).

So what can banks do to respond? How can banks stay on top of changing customer behavior/ expectations? And how can banking transformation help?

In this webinar recording, 10x and Salesforce discuss the following:

  • What customers expect from banks today and who’s delivering on this
  • How the data banks already hold can help delight their customers
  • How core banking transformation will bring your customers closer.


  • Aman Virk – Senior Director of Customer Transformation at Salesforce
  • Frederico Venturieri – VP of GTM Strategy and Partnerships at 10x
  • Josh Daniels – Product Director, 10x Experience at 10x


Watch the webinar to learn more

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