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Webinar: How to take core banking from legacy to legendary

Webinar: how to move your core banking from legacy to legendary

Banks exist to serve their customers and help them through various stages of life. But an astonishing 80% of IT budgets at banks goes towards infrastructure and maintenance, leaving only 5% for innovation.

Meanwhile, neobanks, who are often built on cloud-native foundations, can innovate much more easily, providing customers with more efficient ways of managing their money.

How is the banking technology of today feeding the needs of the future? What can be done, using modern core banking technology, to close the neobank gap and move with greater agility. How can banks move from legacy to legendary?

Learn more about: 

  • Why cloud-native core banking is so important for the future
  • How to champion innovation and take advantage of more opportunities
  • Data as a core asset for hyper-personalisation
  • The benefits of a cloud-native core banking platform
  • The future of innovation in the banking industry.


  • Richard Caven – Worldwide Banking Specialist at AWS
  • Jonathan Sowler – VP of Engineering at 10x Banking
  • Neira Jones – Advisor, NED and Keynote Speaker


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