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Webinar: 10x, Paymentology, and Mastercard on how to transform credit cards

Credit cards webinar with Paymentology and Mastercard

Watch our webinar with Paymentology and Mastercard to learn why credit cards are an area of untapped innovation for banks.  

Simona Das, Senior Product Manager at 10x, David Oppenheim, Global Head of Ecosystem Partnerships at Paymentology, and Matouš Michněvič, VP Product & Innovation Europe at Mastercard, discuss:  

  • Why credit card products haven’t evolved since the 1980s  
  • How traditional banks and challenger credit products differ  
  • The future of credit beyond cards
  • How to bring the credit card lifecycle into 2023. 

Watch the webinar below

Presented by:

Hosted by Graham Robinson, Director of Client and Customer Channels at 10x Banking.