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Webinar: How banks can take user experiences from legacy to legendary

Webinar: How banks can transform their user experiences from legacy to legendary

Digital transformation in banking is progressing. And banks are slowly unshackling themselves from “legacy”. But the process is complicated. Next-frontier functionalities including hyper-personalization and user-centric design require an overhaul of invisible plumbing, at record speeds.

In this insightful session, 10x Banking experts show how banks can take back control by bringing vision and intent to the digital transformation journey. This jam-packed webinar covers:

  • why is “legacy” so much more than COBOL?
  • how can banks transform their user experiences to attract and retain clients?
  • 76% of customers expect omni-channel experiences, how can banks deliver on this?
  • why is hyper-personalization in finance of business-critical importance?
  • how to truly design products around clients using “baked-in” intelligence?

Presented by: 

  • George Broom, Product Owner
  • Sophie Tollet, Product Manager Core Banking

Watch the webinar below

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