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API reviews: scaling up API governance

API Reviews: Scaling up API Governance

Ikenna Nwaiwu, API Product Owner at 10x, recently participated in an insightful video interview on the topic of “API Reviews” for Erik Wilde’s “Getting APIs to Work” YouTube channel.

Ikenna was asked:

  • What is an API Review?
  • Who are the stakeholders included in an API Review?
  • Why is it important to include Technical Writers in an API Review session?
  • Can API Reviews be automated?
  • How can the outcomes of an API Review affect existing Style Guidelines?

Watch the interview:

Viewers are also invited to participate in Ikenna’s API Governance Survey (open until March 31, 2022 at ikenna.co.uk/survey). Keep an eye out for a blog as we will be sharing the results in May 2022!