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Our platform & design approach

Confluent Event Streaming 2020

How and why would you architect an entire bank from a blank piece of paper?

Drawing on his career and work with brands like Sky, BBC Worldwide and Amazon Video, 10x Future Technologies CTO Neil Drennan was among the keynote speakers at this year’s Confluent 2020 Streaming Event conference to discuss the design principles and cloud-native thinking underpinning the 10x platform and the technology and development team approaches used to create it.

Neil talks about his journey through technology before joining 10x, why customers in financial services are not served as well as they are in other industries, the challenges facing banks and how 10x design principles can lead to better banking – for customers, banks and society.

“At 10x, we are pioneering a different way,” says Neil during the Confluent presentation. “It really is quite an exciting time for the industry. I would argue it is a once in a generation opportunity to transform the sector. We really think big in terms of our goals here.”

You can watch Neil’s full keynote by clicking on the link here.