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Deliberate equitability & inclusion for better business outcomes

Richard Given - Expert Series

The following post was published by Elevate as part of their Elevate.Together.Podcast series.

Richard Given thrives on re-thinking the way to provide legal services.

As General Counsel and Company Secretary of 10x Future Technologies, he is responsible for corporate governance, partnership compliance, and best practices at 10x.

In this Expert Series episode, Richard Given joins Elevate’s President, John Croft, to discuss deliberate equitability and inclusion. We’re pleased to share this conversation between two white, non-diverse men talking directly about deliberate equitability and inclusion. Why it is essential, and what they’re doing to support equitability and inclusion within the legal sector.

Richard shares his experience, the importance of being an ally, and the shift needed to build a business based on outcomes.

Setting an example and encouraging General Counsel to demand a behaviour change ensures their legal providers include diverse perspectives. He explains the importance of recognising the differences and challenges that people face to help them succeed.

"I think the one “I think the one thing I’d take the challenge with is “do the same thing” as you’d do for the traditional applicant. I think recognising that people are different and, therefore, they need different support is a key component of this.​”

To listen to the Richard and John podcast click here.

A full transcript is also available with the link through to the Elevate.Together.Podcast.