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Interview: Why are digital banking transformations so difficult?

As part of our global research report, bankers shared their perspective on digital transformation and admit losing 20% of customers due to poor customer experience. We sat down with Leda Glyptis, 10x's Chief Client Officer and author of Bankers Like Us, to get the story behind the data.

The research at a glance

Based on a survey of 300 banking leaders and managers at banks in EMEA and APAC, our report Global Banks and the Transformation Illusion Slowing their Progress, shows:

  • Global banks are losing 20% of customers due to poor customer experience.
  • 64% admit their slow rate of transformation has resulted in missing out on new customers.
  • Economic uncertainty has resulted in 74% of banks accelerating digital transformation.
  • Banking Leaders and managers have different digital transformation priorities.
  • Concerns over customer data, keeping things in-house, and compliance hinder the adoption of cloud-based platforms.

Armed with the research, 10x's Brand and Content Manager Jacob Story sat down with Leda to get her perspective on what the data tells us and what's happening inside banks today.


No bank has completed its transformation journey, no matter what they're saying. And that's because digital isn't a set of tools or another channel – it's a radically different way of organizing your business.

Leda Glyptis Chief Client Officer, 10x Banking

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