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Build fixed term deposit propositions faster than you can read this

Feature release - deposit configuration made easy

Fixed term deposits commonly offer higher interest rates than savings accounts without carrying the risk of other types of investment.

As economic growth continues to slow globally and consumers continue to tighten their belts, fixed term deposits may prove to grow in popularity as those who accumulated wealth during lockdowns look to take advantage of higher interest environments and find ways to make their money work harder at lower risk.

With 10x Bank Manager, you can configure fixed term deposit propositions in minutes, automate a great customer experience, and harness the potential to offer across the globe.

What we’ve done differently

  • Have the account opened and ready to use in minutes. No need to wait for the transfer for the account to go live. Set a transfer period at the product configuration stage and have it convert automatically using rules if no funds are transferred.

  • “Automated account conversion” – built while we developed term deposits and allows Product Managers to automate what happens at the end of the term depending on in-life behavior.

    Want to move a matured fixed term deposit customer straight to an instant access saver? No problem, set it up with a few click.

    We love this feature as it can be applied to other scenarios too: matured student accounts move seamlessly to graduate accounts and tariffs on business accounts change automatically with turnover rather than being fixed at the point of account opening. Beautiful.

  • Account identifiers stay the same – as the customer moves from Product A to B, all account details remain the same. No additional overheads for your colleagues and less confusion for customers.

  • Update interest rates with a few clicks – central to our ‘clicks not code’ ethos and applied across the board to product configuration through our Bank Manager interface. You can link interest rates to the base rate and change an entire backbook without involving a multitude of people. Especially useful in times of economic change.

  • Customer level service: actions like early conversion for special circumstances such as financial difficulty can be driven by contact center colleagues or in branch, using our Salesforce module or your own. Ensuring you offer a personalized experience across all channels.

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Set rules with a few clicks to automate fees and interest driven by customer lifecycle events:Frame 478 (1)


Configure with clicks, not code in Bank Manager

Take full responsibility for your product portfolio: in theory, you could build a product that came to you in a shower brainwave before you’ve had lunch.

Our governance workflows automate and track your sign-off processes too, to help you get over the line faster, with more transparency.

See how simple it is to build your fixed term deposit products in minutes:



  • Minimum transfer amount
  • Funding transfer period
  • Account conversion products based on behavioral rules
  • Interest rates 

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