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Engineering our way to better lives

Discussion with Justin Webb

The unprecedented pace of change today leaves many wondering how new technologies will shape and define our lives tomorrow.

In a conversation with Justin Webb on BBC Radio 4, Lord Browne, author of the new book: ‘Think, Make, Imagine – Engineering the Future of Civilisation’, discusses how technology is changing our lives with Kate Bell, Head of Rights, International, Social and Economics at the TUC and Antony Jenkins, Executive Chairman and founder of 10x Future Technologies.

“The issue is not 'are you optimistic or negative?' The issue is what can we do to ensure our nation leads in this industrial revolution just as we have done in the past," says Antony, who among his other roles, is Chairman of the Institute for Apprenticeships. 

He added: “That is about how we skill our workforce, the legal and regulatory environment and it is about key infrastructure like digital infrastructure, 5G and so on that we need to be successful. We can be successful, but it is not just going to happen. We have to make it happen.”