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Building for society: Plotting the route to transformation

The UK building society sector plays a vital role in the financial services ecosystem, acting as an essential counterbalance to the big banks. The continued maturation of digital-first challengers has laid the foundation for new services and better experiences – all delivered faster than ever.

Incumbent banks have responded slowly, but progress has been even slower in the building society space. After all, digital transformation is complex, and even some of the world’s largest businesses have wrestled with it for years.

So what’s holding building societies back? What do they need to compete in an increasingly volatile and competitive world? Based on discussions with Senior Executives in the building society space, this 10x whitepaper explores: 

  • The state of play for building societies today
  • What transformation means to members 
  • How to overcome the thorny issue of replacing core systems
  • Mapping a route to transformation quickly and within budget.

The in-depth guide looks at the key considerations and best practices building societies should consider as they respond to the transformation challenge.

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