Curt Hess
Chief Commercial Officer

As Chief Commercial Officer, Curt drives 10x’s financial strategy as well as the group’s risk, supplier management, investor relations and finance activity.

Curt has nearly 30 years’ experience in retail banking, consumer lending, risk and control, credit cards, treasury and finance.

In the three years to 2018, Curt was CEO of Barclays US consumer bank. He previously worked as Barclays’ Chief Financial Officer for Personal and Corporate Banking in London. He also served as CEO and CFO for Barclays Europe Retail and Business Banking, CFO for Barclays Africa Retail and Business Banking and CFO for Barclaycard.

Prior to joining Barclays, Curt held executive positions in the US at Citi and Bank of America following roles as a senior auditor with BDO in New York.