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Transform with SuperCore™

Radically simplify data and integrations for an automated and customer-centric bank.

10x SuperCore™ was created to transform banks. From core-banking systems, to KYC tools and white-labelled mobile applications – build on a platform which offers you equal security and agility; to not only withstand change, but to harness it.

10x SuperCore is designed from first principles, building cloud native and legacy free to solve for the challenges of decades of core banking development. A microservices and API centric architecture liberates banks from product and channel silos. Embrace an open, agile, fully-configurable platform. 


The first thing we had to do was build a different type of architecture

Antony Jenkins
Antony Jenkins
Founder & Executive Chair
Transform your bank
Building blocks
Build a better bank with next gen, cloud native technology

Under ever changing pressures, a bank needs to withstand and harness change. Utilise a platform that is truly cloud native, with no legacy heritage, built on a microservices architecture. Allowing for a rapid pivot to a new product strategy, changing market conditions and customer trends. 

Revolutionise the total cost of operation and tangibly reverse the trends of diminishing profitability.

Accelerate product lifecycles
Deliver or change products in minutes not months

Reduce product development costs significantly and accelerate speed to market with the 10x developer toolkit and a click-not-code approach.

Build a bank where flexibility and product enhancement are a daily occurrence, not a dusty roadmap.

Product development
Future-proof & friction free changes

Eradicate time and cost implications of complex integrations to your core banking systems with an easy to adapt, modular architecture. 

10x SuperCore™ – a single, centralised data layer – supports your functional and operational goals. Services are made available through a comprehensive and consistent API suite. Legacy programmes, preferred partners and third-party applications are easily integrated through 10x SmartAdapters

Data integrity & security as a priority

Security a foundational element of the platform. We use best of breed security vendors to provide a secure runtime environment and use threat modelling with a secure SDLC to ensure our code is free from vulnerabilities and able to withstand threat actors.

Our cloud environments are continuously validated for compliance, with 24/7/365 Security Operations teams to respond to any detected threats.

We validate our controls with external audits and have ISO27001 and SOC2 Type 2 certifications along with regular pen testing and red/purple team exercises.

Data driven banking
Powering banks with analytics & artificial intelligence

Deploy the latest machine-learning technologies to deliver reactive insights that transform the customer experience. 

Operation data is symmetrically replicated to the 10x analytics platform in real time. Empower your own AI and ML capabilities, and seamlessly integrate out of the box solutions. Provide an intuitive experience to customers and future proof your brand. 

Customer insights
Customer-centric data: one customer, one entity

Overcome fragmented, and siloed customer information. Automate data so you can focus on the insights. Enhance your customer engagement strategy with targeted, data-driven decisions. 

Deliver low risk and compliant onboarding processes with minimal friction. Draw on our suite of microservices to create a single record of the customer in 10x SuperCore™ and better serve their needs across the product suite.

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Key features
Bank Manager@2x
Easy configuration with Bank Manager

Developed intuitively by product people with a click-not-code approach, unlocking powerful self-serve functionality

Maximise control

Maximise control with one governing interface; design, review and launch financial products to market in minutes, with no additional IT cost or delays

Accounts in real-time

Respond quicker and more accurately by viewing and managing internal accounts in real-time

Multi-tenant compatible

Manage multiple tenants through one app with Bank Manager, fully multi-tenant compatible

Developer portal interface
Seamlessly integrate with SuperCore™
Secure, one-stop hub

Quickly understand, explore and test APIs and capabilities


Powered by a custom application built in-house from the ground-up and regularly expanded to meet client needs


Document all platform release updates and functionality upgrades in one place


Integrated telephony and A Sync chat making it easy for customers to connect with you, with inbuilt authentication methods such as Click to Call and Push to Auth

Marketing and Communications

Manage all your customer campaigns in one place 


Deliver targeted, data-driven messaging 


Analyse and optimise automated, personalised communications 


Your content management portal for centralising your assets 

Technical support interface
SaaS model builds on 10x’s unique DNA

SaaS model builds on 10x’s unique DNA of deep tech and decades of banking experience

Tier-1 banking proven

Tier-1 banking proven 24/7/365 premium grade support

Rapidly resolve technical issues

Rapidly resolve technical issues in real-time with our dedicated client support platform

Trackable interactions

Trackable interactions with 10x team in relation to the SuperCore™ platform

Service performance
Dedicated 24/7/365 security operations
Continuous improvement plan

'Always-on' Service Management and Site Reliability Engineering teams, combining the best of ITIL and SRE approaches to keep service running reliably

Application log shipping

Application log shipping

Security logs available

Full transparency on key operational and security metrics. Security logs available for bank’s own SOC / SIEM

Centralise risk related data

Centralise risk related data for your operations and security teams. Security Operations teams continuously monitor the service, ready to respond to any cyber threats

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