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Snowdrop Solutions

Technology Partner

A transaction enrichment specialist delivering solutions via APIs

With more than 7 years of history as location and digital mapping experts in partnership with Google Maps Platform, Snowdrop is the leading solution provider for accuracy, reliability and scalability in enrichment technology. Snowdrop turns confusion into clarity by enriching transaction data with merchant names, logos, contact information and the ability to situation merchants on a Google Map. Typically this technology is integrated in business and retail banking applications.

Snowdrop Solutions uses innovative mapping technology that reshapes the users experience, turning confusion into clarity. Snowdrop’s API, Merchant Reconciliation System (MRS), helps to:

make “messy” transaction data clear and easily understood
provide a better user experience
save on customer service costs
reduce fraud
reduce fraud
boost consumer advocacy
boost consumer advocacy
●	enrich data at scale for internal and customer applications
enrich data at scale for internal and customer applications

Regional support

  • Europe
  • United Kingdom
  • Asia Pacific
  • North America

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Also working spaces in London (UK) , Singapore, and Malaga (Spain)