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The Ultimate Global Card Issuer-Processor 

Paymentology is the first truly global issuer-processor, giving banks and fintechs the technology, team and experience to issue and process cards anywhere in the world, rapidly and at scale.  

Paymentology issues and processes cards for major global and local networks in over 50 countries, putting cards and payments into the hands of millions of people worldwide. The company currently has payments experts with deep, local and global market knowledge on the ground in more than 60 countries, across 14 time zones, guaranteeing 24/7, worldwide support. 

Paymentology's global issuing platform, offering both shared and dedicated processing instances, vast global presence, and richer real-time data, set it apart as a leader in payments.  

10x and Paymentology

Many core banking providers and issuer-processors in the fintech industry were built to supply start-ups only. The 10x and Paymentology partnership takes a unique approach. Built from the ground up for tier-1 banks to take advantage of modern Cloud-based technology, the partnership enables banks to fulfill their diverse needs on one simplified, scalable and highly secure Platform.  
By bolstering 10x’s modular core banking platform, Paymentology provides pre-integrated debit and credit card and local rail payment processing via a single API on the 10x SuperCore platform. 10x and Paymentology enable banks to move from standard card batch processing to real time, removing pain from processes in issuer tech stacks and providing a simple view of card clearing, settlement and chargebacks from the 10x platform. 
As a result of the partnership, large complex banking institutions can redesign historic operating models, deploy resources and management mindshare around their core customer proposition.

Click here for more information from the partnership announcement.

Benefits for banks:
A pre-integrated core banking system and issuer-processing Platform, requiring no or minimal custom integration effort
Managed Service, on the Cloud, utilising next-generation technology
Implementation projects completed within 12 weeks, at a fraction of the cost associated with on-prem installations
One source of data across all products: ISO20022 ready
Rich data capture via Paymentology’s FAST feed
Single view of customer enabling cross-sell of products: reduce fraud and increase authorisation rates
Tokenization and 3DS out-of-the-box
Revolving credit and/or Merchant-level ‘Instalment plan’ on the same PAN
Set repayment plans on mobile or POS
Key benefits:
Real time spend analytics
Real time spend analytics on card transactions
Buy now pay later
Offer buy now pay later/credit at point of spend
Cloud native
Cloud native dedicated issuer processing solution for credit, debit and pre-paid cards
Instant card control
Instant card control through Restful API platform
External authorisation
External authorisation with enhanced data at point of spend delivered seamlessly into 10x core ledger
reconciliation of card scheme
Complete reconciliation of card scheme fees and interchange
Time to market
Time to market in weeks rather than months
High availability
High availability, active/active, multi geographical processing system

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