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Ozone API

Technology partner

About Ozone API

Ozone API is the leading standards-based open finance technology that supports all global standards and has the tools to help banks and financial institutions create real commercial value. 

Ozone are the global specialists in open banking standards. Their founding team led the development of and authored the UK open banking standard and continue to shape the global standards agenda. 

The 10x and Ozone API partnership

By integrating 10x SuperCore with Ozone API, banks can deliver standards-compliant open banking APIs cost-effectively, within weeks and not months. This also equips banks with th building blocks to support customer's future open banking / finance journey.

For banks currently managing open banking in-house, Ozone API can be used to reduce internal complexity and development resources.

While launching open banking in new markets usually takes 12-18 months, Ozone API delivers compliance within weeks, enabling banks to go to market faster.

About the platform


The Ozone API enables banks and financial institutions to expose standards compliant open APIs with tools for success:

  • Removes the complexity and cost of developing/ maintaining APIs to continuously evolving global standards and market specific open banking regulations
  • Provides the tools to go beyond and deliver value-adding and commercial APIs that grow revenue
  • Great developer experience with a fully functional sandbox and access to required documents and specifications
  • Third Party Management with automated onboarding and validation, and integration with relevant directories
  • Secure management of complex, fine grained consent process.

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London, United Kingdom