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About Mast

Mast is a venture-backed fintech building cloud-native mortgage origination software to help lenders increase capacity, reduce costs, and strengthen operational controls.

Mast's products allow lenders to operate more efficiently, react faster to changing market conditions, and focus on offering the best service possible, transforming the buying journey for the borrower.

The 10x and Mast partnership

Using the 10x and Mast integration, lenders will benefit from streamlined data exchange, enabling real-time mortgage servicing that removes the need for any manual re-keying of data between systems.

-    Seamless journey integrations
-    Integrated product management
-    Book loans to 10x from directly within Mast
-    See loan disbursement information from within Mast.

Making life easier for UK mortgage lenders


Full end-to-end cloud-native integrated software: Mast is integrated to 10x via API and can seamlessly create new accounts and exchange information for contract variations and product creations.

Fully configurable end-to-end journeys: Mast can be customised to suit all types of mortgage lending. There’s no limit to the different steps, tasks, or API calls you can make and in the manner it integrates with 10x.

Speedy implementations and seamless upgrades: Mast is offered on a SaaS basis where we manage hosting and support. This means all clients run the latest version, receive bug fixes within hours and seamlessly see improvements every day.

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