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About Iress

Iress is a leading financial technology company specializing in software solutions for the UK mortgage market.  

Their solution, MSO, is the UK’s leading mortgage sales and originations software for lenders of all sizes. 

The innovative platform empowers mortgage institutions to navigate the complexities of the UK mortgage landscape, enhance operational efficiency, and deliver exceptional client experiences. 

About our partnership


The partnership between Iress and 10x enables lenders to seamlessly connect MSO with SuperCore®, 10x’s next-generation core banking platform, enabling a greatly improved customer experience.

This includes faster decisioning, a fully digital onboarding experience with real-time updates, and digitally native mortgage servicing. It also removes manual data entry for lenders during product creation and account opening, which can be a major operational burden that’s prone to error. 

Through this integration and the modern, cloud-native technology that underpins it, lenders will benefit from streamlined data exchange and real-time mortgage servicing.  

As a result, banks and building societies can complete mortgages faster, provide better customer care for the full lifecycle, and make the lending process simpler and more efficient. 

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Cheltenham, United Kingdom