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FrankieOne offers a single unified API into 320+ different 3rd party vendors and data sources from ID verification, eKYC, eKYB, AML, and fraud monitoring to enable data-led decisioning and a unified “single point of truth”.

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FrankieOne provides a single unified API to access the global landscape of identity and fraud providers. We help tier 1 banks through to the fastest growing fintechs around the world.
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Companies currently work with dozens of siloed software and data providers, few of which have the ability to “talk to” other systems. This creates clunky, disjointed internal processes, poor customer experience and ultimately, business intelligence is compromised.
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Frankie connects third-party compliance, risk and fraud prevention providers into a single platform. Businesses can select their preferred providers and manage their own policies and workflows.
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We remove the need for multiple vendor implementations. No matter how many third-party providers businesses require, they only ever need to connect to our single unifying API - making integration easy.
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We automate and digitise tasks previously performed by compliance professionals, enabling data-led decisioning and reducing the risk of human error.
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As we have one integrated platform, we offer one unifying view for compliance, operations, audit and risk. Providing the single point of truth, single view of the customer and with all tools in the same place, our clients experience reduced resolution times, speedier customer onboarding and increased staff productivity.

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