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Technology Partner

ClearBank are Direct Participants of Bacs, CHAPS, Faster Payments and C&CCC, as well as being Principal Members of Mastercard and Visa

ClearBank have designed, developed and deployed an API driven payments platform. Our technology is cloud native (Microsoft Azure), and is based on ISO20022 messaging. We do not utilise any 3rd party gateways etc, we connect directly to the Schemes. 

ClearBank provides 24x7 access to the UK Payment Schemes and process payments in real time – our customers simply consume our API, and then have access to Sort Codes and Accounts (held at the BoE), and the UK Payments rails.

We offer fast and easy access to the UK Schemes, with all of the benefits of Direct Participation, without the overheads associated with the day-to-day management of a direct relationship, i.e. man hours, bureaucracy, liquidity, annual attestation, committees and more.

Regional support

As of today ClearBank only operates in the UK, however we have applications in place with European Regulators; once we have launched operations in Europe we will further expand into the USA and China.

Welcome to ClearBank

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Sandy Sancaster
Head of Payments