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10x is part of the AWS Partner Network (APN) as an ISV partner.

Our mission is to make banking 10 times better for customers, banks, and society. 10x offers the world’s most powerful cloud-native banking platform. SuperCore® reduces client costs, accelerates speed to market, and rebuilds banks 10x better. Starting from first principles, we have built a next-generation banking operating system running on AWS. A single ledger enables a highly configurable product model, so banks can radically simplify their technology and truly transform. 10x is growing rapidly as we realise our mission of bringing SuperCore to banks across the globe, reliably underpinning the service of a billion banking customers. Already operating in multiple markets, our SaaS platform is available worldwide. SuperCore is powering transformation through Greenfield, Banking-as-a-Service and migration projects for some of the largest banks, globally.

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AWS Validated Qualifications

Financial Services Technology Competency 

10x's solutions have been validated by AWS for their technology proficiency and associated customer references. 10x have been awarded the Financial Services Technology Competency. 

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In partnership with 10x Banking and Amazon Web Services, Westpac launched a unique Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform in a staggeringly quick 18 months. The platform allows the bank to offer digital banking products through a network of partners and deliver new services in and beyond banking.

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Solution overview