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10x welcomes good news for small businesses

Nationwide Building Society

10x Future Technologies (10x) welcomes the Banking Competition Remedies (BCR) news regarding the £50m grant awarded to the Nationwide Building Society to enhance its entry into the business banking market.

In March 2019, Nationwide announced it was partnering with 10x to build an innovative digital platform to serve Nationwide’s business banking customers.

Commenting on the award, 10x Chief Executive Officer Rebecca Skitt said:

“We are delighted that the Nationwide Building Society has been so successful in Pool B – this is good news for the 5 million plus small and medium-sized businesses around the UK. We welcome the BCR’s objective to help change business banking for the better and are proud to be supporting Nationwide in helping them deliver banking services that make the daily lives of both businesses and consumers much easier.”

Nationwide announced the funding it has secured to enhance its entry into the business banking market.

The BCR announcement regarding the awards of the Pool B Capability and Innovation Fund is available here.