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Fintech Daydreaming with Tam Holmes

Fintech Daydreaming core banking podcast

Fintech DayDreaming’s Pål Krogdahl and Ville Sointu sat down with 10x’s Chief Business Development Officer Tam Holmes to discuss trends in core banking technology and 10x’s approach in building better banks.

In their podcast – Do you need a core in a coreless world? – Tam shares insights on his journey and work with 10x. Along the way, Tam draws parallels between how Georges-Eugène Haussmann redesigned Paris and banking technology transformation opportunities, and provides some colour on where the 10x name came from. He also shares perspectives on core banking trends and bank business needs and 10x’s role in addressing these.

“I would characterise two main trends in this area,” says Tam. “The first one is to think about where the work loads are hosted. We are in a paradigm at the moment where the majority of those banking workloads are hosted in data centres that are typically hosted by the banks and they run their own infrastructure. That workload is moving into the cloud and increasingly into the public cloud – that is a massive trend following a number of other industries.

The second trend, probably just as important in core banking, is the move to a simpler, what I would call a more customer centric architecture, a digital architecture. If you look inside a traditional bank it is a story of product and channel siloes. Those product and channel siloes have to be broken down into a simpler application architecture that has fewer applications … in order to get the benefits that a lot of other industries have got.

Where do we sit as 10x?

We are a cloud-native platform. We support banks on that journey to the public cloud. We offer a consolidated architecture that allows our clients to end up simplifying their own application architecture. The benefit of that is all around the data, the customer experiences and the amount of automation you can offer to clients as a result.”

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