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2024 banking trends: What does the future hold for the banking industry?

2024 banking trends

We spoke to senior figures at the likes of AWS, Ozone API, Paymentology, Wise, and 10x to get their take on how the financial services industry has adapted in 2023, and what this means for the future.

They told us that ongoing pandemic recovery was just one challenge among many sources of disruption last year. The industry also had to deal with concerns around inflation, high interest rates, and geopolitical tensions.

Our first ever banking trends forecast looks at what the future might hold. Check out the full PDF here, or get a snapshot of the key trends below.


The role of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Generative Articificial Intelligence (AI) was the most high-profile technology of 2023, so it will be no surprise to readers to see it identified as a major influence in the future – although not without warning.


AI, Metaverse, Blockchain, and crypto finance have drawn interest from banks. However, challenges remain and transformation requirements need to be resolved to fully embrace such technologies.

Karen Mae Ching Global Financial Services ISV Sales Lead, AWS


A changing regulatory landscape globally

Regulatory changes are another key theme, with a heightened focus on compliance, particularly in cybersecurity and fraud prevention. The introduction of new consumer duty regulations and the emphasis on data and analytics to ensure good customer outcomes indicate a shift towards more stringent governance.


The biggest regulatory development directly affecting the industry has been the emergence of critical service provider regulations, focused on raising security and operational resilience standards – like DORA in the EU, NIS in the UK, and CPS230 in Australia.

Rowan Platt Head of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, 10x


Open Banking goes global

Open banking and open finance continue to pick up pace as a global phenomenon. In markets where it’s established, usage
continues to grow. In many other parts of the world, it’s on its way quickly.


I believe the defining trends will be the increasing momentum of open banking (globally) and banks starting to explore more commercial embedded finance use cases.

Huw Davies Co-Founder and CEO, Ozone API