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Movember: what a mo-ment

Movember 2020 at 10x

Warning: This article will include as many mo-puns as possible.

November has been a busy month for many at 10x. Further developing our core-banking platform capabilities, more testing, more honing … it really all pales in comparison to our Mo-vember efforts! In true 10x diversity and inclusion style, we equally held a ‘get moving’ aka “Move-mber” initiative so that those that wanted to show their support could do so by clocking up the miles instead.

Camaraderie was high (as was the competition) as 10x-ers across our UK and Australian offices combined forces to raise money for the now, much revered, Mo-vember. Raising awareness of men’s health issues, such as cancers, mental health and suicide prevention, it was amazing to see colleagues mo-bilise for such an important cause.

Despite the grey days and ever-descending temperatures of November in the UK, and the rising heat in Australia, many 10x-ers got their walking boots on (and their newly gifted purple socks!) to cover the miles, running or walking - depending whether they could be tempted out of their coat, or out of the shade. It was not-so-secretly a wonderful remedy for our own mental wellbeing – although I’m sure some UK 10x-ers started wishing they were based in our Sydney office.

While sometimes mo-mentarily distracting to see a colleague on Zoom nurturing a questionable ‘tache; whether growing, moving or just trying not to laugh, the mo-tivation from around 10x kept everyone going throughout the month. Between our UK and Australia teams, and with a matched donation from 10x, a fantastic £4k+ was raised.

A huge thank you to the mo-bros and mo-sisters that took part and lead with such mo-mentum. There were some stand-out “entries” in the Mo’ competition, in particular. Take a look at some of our wonderful colleagues – here’s to you and your health.

10x Movember 2020
10x Mo-vember 2020