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We are Synectics Solutions. We syndicate data, create insight and solve problems.

Synectics partners with the public and private sector (including tier one banks, insurance companies and the likes of the Cabinet Office) to build data sharing syndicates that provide meaningful insights and help contributors deal with challenges around organised financial crime, money laundering, customer identification and financial inclusion.

We operate two unique datasets – National SIRA and the NFI.

National SIRA is regarded by many financial institutions and insurance companies as the default fraud detection and prevention solution. It is the largest syndicated database of cross sector customer risk intelligence in the UK, with over 160 contributing members. By using SIRA, contributors have saved over £3 billion in fraud and errors to date.

National SIRA forms a unique foundation for many of our solutions. Where we excel is overlaying a highly configurable rules engine on this data, and combining it with the latest data analysis capabilities, and machine learning algorithms - very few organisations can combine data and advanced technology in this way. Our solutions have been deployed successfully across the globe by financial, insurance, retail, utility and telco organisations.

Our systems operate 24/7, helping to protect our clients and enable them to make better decisions on financial risk.

With National SIRA, contributors can:
Digitise without compromise by using real-time checks to reduce reliance on face-to-face decision making.
Fast-track good customers and flag any potentially bad customers for further checks with friction-right onboarding.
Dynamically adjust their response to an ever-changing threat landscape.
Save money by detecting fraud, error and wider economic crime at the soonest point of engagement.
Benefit from a holistic risk-based view of each customer. This single view can be enhanced with the addition of third-party data and insights to provide a truly comprehensive picture.
Create more specific and accurate models to be created than simply using their own data.
Drive operational efficiencies use automated decision responses, prioritised workflows, reduced false positives (cases that don’t really need working), and actionable MI reports to manage resources most effectively.
Achieve ongoing evidence-based regulatory compliance.

Synectics Solutions Limited is fully ISO27001 certified, is a UK Government Specified Anti-Fraud Organisation, and has the infrastructure, expertise and experience required to carry out business-critical data solutions for some of the world’s most regulated organisations.

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