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A clean build, fast and unrestricted by legacy systems

For established and new organisations, greenfield is a compelling option. Greenfield projects offer banks a way to generate new lines of business, take an existing brand into a new geography, or build a new brand from scratch, unencumbered by legacy architecture. 

Greenfield allows incumbents to test next-generation digital operating models, whilst leveraging existing customer loyalty and regulatory capabilities. Build a radically simpler and leaner operation; and for incumbents, use this to drive change in the host organisation.

Why build a greenfield bank?
Greenfield - reduce costs
Minimise operating costs

Operating costs can be reduced by as much as 90%, a truly 10x outcome.

Launch products to market in minutes rather than months as your product teams are empowered with a click-not-code Bank Manager application.


Greenfield - secure and cloud native
Powered by next-gen technology

Secure cloud native architecture and innovative data management allows incumbents to level the playing field with challengers and Big Tech, as well as enabling new entrants to stand on the shoulders of giants.

Greenfield - compliance
Regulatory & compliant

The bank of the future is leaner and simpler. This reduces the complexity of regulatory compliance, and significantly reduces the risk of non-compliance. Real-time access to a single source of data takes the guesswork out of monitoring and reporting. Risk functions can be scaled in line with underlying simplification and size of the new organisation versus the complexity and uncertainty of legacy operations.

Greenfield - speed to market
Delivery within 12 months

Building a digital challenger offers you the fastest route to market with delivery within 12 months and the fastest ROI from your investment. Select a vertical cohort such as one of your banking brands, products or segments and prove out the capabilities, integrations and operational gains from a cloud native architecture.

Case study
10x and Greenfield
Launch a digital challenger

A large financial institution, well-established in the insurance and wealth markets, wanted to leverage their prestige to enter the retail space.

The objective of the proof of concept was to build an ecosystem with SuperCore™ at the centre and show that standing up a modern platform with real-time payments connectivity was feasible over a drastically reduced time scale.


Using SuperCore™, the combined 10x, client and partner team stood up a live working demonstration in four weeks. This included real-time payments with live accounts and currency. 10x provided the core system, demo mobile app and integration services to realise the end-to-end solution.

This proof of concept showed unprecedented speed of delivery, from concept to live payment.

End-to-end onboarding
End-to-end onboarding including eID&V via an Onfido integration
Card provisioning
Card provisioning and issuer processing via a new Paymentology integration
Integration with a 3rd party rewards and voucher vendor
Integration with a third-party rewards and voucher vendor
Production card payment transaction e.g. charity donation
Integration to incumbent’s core systems, pulling back a customers’ personal account holdings
Mobile phone airtime top-up via a third-party integration
All customer journeys facilitated through a client-branded mobile app
Transformational banking
Provide an intuitive digital experience
Easy onboarding

Easy onboarding and eID&V with a mobile-first identity verification platform, making it quick and easy for customers to set up new accounts

Instant card provisioning

Instant card provisioning and account information available directly in-app

Simplified financial management

Simplified financial management with integration of other everyday costs, automated saving workflows and more

for banks
Reduce the total cost of ownership
Cloud native core

With a cloud native core, operating costs can be reduced as much as 50% and cost of change down 80%

Uptime capability

Leverage cloud providers uptime capability and on-demand scaling, within proven and secure dedicated partition

Expand your market offering

Expand your market offering in months not years – rapid proof of concept and continual learning

Prioritise value adding services
Frictionless KYC

Frictionless KYC and onboarding – faster account set up and reduced reliance on legacy workflows to welcome new users

Reduced dropouts

Reduced dropouts and waste work, allowing colleagues to focus on improving customer satisfaction

Seamless integration

Seamless integration of core banking systems and third-party providers driving new business and customer experience such as rewards, loyalty and gamification


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Standup a digital bank in six months
Build your greenfield retail or SME digital bank with SuperCore™