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There is no single ‘right’ path for a bank’s core platform, context is everything

10x is expertly and uniquely positioned to help incumbent banks or challengers in any market to truly transform, re-building legacy core systems 10x better. Equipped with strong client credentials, deep financial services experience and proven digital delivery, our team help you create a bespoke roadmap.

Explore Greenfield, Banking-as-a-Service & Migration solutions with 10x to accelerate your transformation journey.

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At 10x, our end-to-end service starts with the very first touchpoint.

Transformation strategies

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Iteratively build out new business logic, events or models as modular microservices and reduce use of your existing systems. Strategically target important customer journeys and reinvent their design.

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Build a greenfield digital technology stack, leveraging cloud native architecture. Onboard new customers to the challenger platform in less than 12 months to quickly deliver innovative product deployment and serve the needs of a new cohort or portfolio.

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Whether big-bang or phased, rapidly pivot away from monolithic legacy systems. Replace your core banking system according to your infrastructure upgrade roadmap.

Commission a rapid proof of concept
See how you can create and deploy products, linked through to a mobile app and payment systems. Verify your product vision.
Bank Manager interface
Build with Bank Manager

Quickly and easily set up a new savings product in 10x Bank Manager. With a click-not-code approach that your bank users can operate, avoid costly investment in new training

Explore your dedicated Sandbox

A configurable governance model guarantees the correct lifecycle controls are applied to product publishing


No IT intervention required to publish product changes, with changes available within minutes

10x Developer Portal

Off the shelf product definitions, fully extendable and configurable to meet your needs

White-label app & onboarding
Prove out a target capability

Your customer directly experiences the 10x white label app, fully branded to your bank


Simplify onboarding by allowing customers to use a seamless selfie eID&V process 


An easy to navigate interface increases conversion of account opening

Give your customers control
Offer a digital-first experience

Empower your customer with adjustable controls to enhance their financial wellbeing, such as setting savings goals and enabling saving round ups


A virtual card is immediately provisioned against the current account, enabling customers to execute e-commerce transactions

Data-driven optimisation

Centralise customer servicing, powered by a single source of truth, to deliver an exceptional customer experience


All interactions are streamed for processing in existing bank systems

Better serve customers

Better serve customers with integrated telephony and A sync chat channels, with inbuilt authentication methods

Leverage customer insights

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Leverage customer insights

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Proven approach

10x offers a phased approach to support proving out business cases, capabilities and smooth market entry.

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It all starts with a conversation

Learn more about SuperCore™, our team and how we can help you achieve your transformation goals.

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Technology deep dive

Explore the power of SuperCore™, our API suite and accelerator modules. Define your objectives and target state architecture. 

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Proof of concept

Get a real-world understanding of the 10x technology and team as we prove capabilities in a carefully managed proof of concept project. 

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Complete formal procurement processes and due diligence to provide complete confidence and compliance. 


Press the green button for implementation, formalise partner choices and create the delivery roadmap. 

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Deployment, configuration and integration of SuperCore™  into your cloud hosting provider. 

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Go live & run

Day one starts at go-live. Full service is assured by 24/7/365 tech and security operations.

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Capability growth

Incremental enhancements supported by evergreen release process. 

Get started with 10x SuperCore™
Turn your business strategy into reality